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Lessons are provided by experienced teachers from Northamptonshire Music and Performing Arts Trust (NMPAT) and are chargeable.

The cost of tuition from September 2021 will be approximately £74 per teaching period (11 lessons) payable via ParentPay. (Half price for recorders and ukuleles who are taught in groups.) Payment must be made before the start of each teaching period.

To get the most from music tuition, it is important that your child attend his/her lessons and practises regularly.

Some musical instruments maybe loaned though NMPAT. Parents/guardians are responsible for their care and should arrange for it to be insured (usually by adding it to their own domestic house contents policy). Pupils learning guitar, ukulele or recorder should provide their own instruments.

If your child decides they no longer wish to continue during the school year, one NMPAT teaching periods notice is required in writing (email is fine).

Were possible lessons are organised in pairs with the cost reflecting a 10 minute individual lesson pro rata. (Recorder and ukulele are usually taught in small groups with the cost reflecting 5 minutes individual lesson). Lessons are offered for children from year 2 upwards and a range of instruments is available, although some will depend on age. In exceptional circumstances, it may sometimes be possible to offer some instrumental teaching to children in year 1.

If this is of interest to you and your child, please speak to Mrs Woby or return a completed Music Lessons Waiting List Request form. 

Lessons timetable

Woodwind  - Monday Afternoon

Strings  - Tuesday Morning

Ukeleley  -  Wednesday Afternoon

Guitar  - Wednesday Afternoon